Late last year we decided to increase the size of our large pond. This project has been quite a  chore as during the digging in late spring ground water became a real nuisance. It became necessary to run a pump during a dryer period  to dry out the site enough to continue digging. By the time I finish this addition I will have spent more time on this than I spent on two other ponds. This  addition adds 11 feet in length and slightly wider at 9 feet . Also a hopper (deep area) 6x4.5 feet was dug to a depth of 3 and a half feet . After I connect the two liners the total gallons will be about 3000 gallons.
     All the stone is sandstone that I have collected at various construction sites. I changed my style of pond by cementing larger sandstone to the liner covered ledge giving the illusion of  the ledge in a quarry. This ledge will serve two purposes , 1 is to have a support  for plant containers and 2 to provide quick  shelter below the ledge. Since I used cement in the construction I have given extra time before adding water and have done 2 complete water changes to remove the lime.
     A few photos follow...........
   liner in place    bottom pickup                                              
   some of the stone in place  water added               
   overall view, eventually the center divider will be removed to allow one continuous pond.  My present plans are for a bridge to go over the area where the divider is now.

   More to follow................
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