page 1 is my contents page offering a description of what you will find here  
page 2 is the beginning of my upper pond located mid level on my deck
page 3 will highlight the construction of my large pond
page 4 are my favorite links
page 5 new pond construction
page 6 is my contact page drop me an e-mail message from here

page 7 large before and after photos


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            Welcome to the pond&things web site.  
Please feel free to hop around to my other pages by following the  links at the side, bookmark this page for a return later . I will be periodically updating as I find time.


April 6,2001......Finally  after 160 days we have had a day of extreme warmth, 81 degrees and plenty of sunlight in the Cleveland Ohio area. The real sign of  spring  are the presence of the frogs around  the pond finally waking after their long dormant cycle. While cleaning up the fall leaves new plant life underneath is also observed.  

May16, 2001........Another update with new photos added to page 2 & 3.

May19, 2001.........2 more photos added to page 3

July15, 2001..........As the weather heats up new photos of Pond page 3

July23, 2001...........Added a page of large photos

August, 2002..........New Pond construction find it here

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